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Online games such as slots and bingo are very popular with gaming fans. Most players enjoy a wide range of sites offering slots and bingo games in a variety of styles, rules, and variations. Whether playing a slot machine is your thing, or if you prefer bingo, you are sure to find entertainment on the internet with online bingo games.

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Online bingo and slots are both great ways to pass the time. Whether you choose to play online games for money or just for fun, slots of bingo are both fantastic choices because they are popular gaming styles are both familiar with players, as well as easy to play casually and without a great deal of strategizing.

This site lists a top 5 of online bingo sites that offer both bingo and slots games. All sites are US friendly.

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UK Bingo

Bingo in the UK is played on a 3x5 grid with 90-balls, which a caller picks and calls out during the game. If the numbers called are found on the players’ card, they tick them off. The goal for bingo varies by gaming site. UK games are often played in three-game sets with the first, including a goal of a single-line blacked-out, the second includes two lines blacked out, and the third includes an entire game card blackout.

Often called “the fruit machine” by Brits, the slot machine is a game where a player pulls an arm, spinning the games wheels, which stop at random, revealing a pattern. Winning patterns vary by game, but in general, matching a row of images means a win. Added to the game are usually special items such as "bar" images that can add up to big jackpots. Slot games online are similar with the only difference that a player will press a button to spin the wheels in contrast to pulling an arm. Slots are typically loved for their varied themes, multiple ways to win, and progressive jackpots.