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In general, there are three main types of jackpots in online bingo games. Whether you choose a standard jackpot game, a coverall game, or a progressive jackpot game, it is wise to know the rules before joining. For best results, check each sites "Q&A" section for full details.

Standard bingo jackpots refer to the typical jackpot for each game. The jackpot amount is directly related to the number of tickets/cards sold for that game. The amount is a portion of the buy in, minus a small amount to cover overhead costs of running the game/site.

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Coverall jackpots are only seen in the traditional 75-ball bingo game. This amount is predetermined at the start of the game. For example, a game may have a starting jackpot of $500. However, as the game goes on, this number decreases. The goal of a “coverall” game is to get all the spaces on the card blacked-out. The jackpot in a coverall game usually does have a “low” limit, so when the jackpot decreases to that amount, the jackpot remains at that level until a winner is determined.

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Finally, progressive jackpots are- as with standard jackpots- determinate upon the number of players/tickets sold per game. These games have a “roll-over” from rounds where the jackpot is not won. In progressive games, the winner must be determined before a certain number of balls have been called. For example, if a game has a limit of 30-ball calls, the winner must have bingo from just the first 30 calls. In 75-ball games, sites offer different rules, such as a predetermined pattern which must be achieved within a certain amount of time- usually indicated by a timer. In 90-ball bingo, there is no determined pattern to follow, so the game is played with a standard blackout pattern and is limited only to the number of calls made in the game.