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The game of bingo is typically played with a card containing a grid of numbers. A caller announces randomly-selected numbers either chosen electronically or by a mechanical ball hopper. Players then mark off matching numbers on their card in hopes of completing a desired pattern in order to win the game. The most standard patterns include the single row, single column, diagonal line, and the blackout (all numbers on the card marked). However, there are a wide range of pattern possibilities and many bingo websites offer exciting patterns as part of their game schemes.

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Each game typically has one set pattern that is the goal. The patterns generally change from game to game. Many sites display the designated pattern on the players' card. It will often be highlighted for easy reference. In the majority of cases, the centre space on the bingo card is usually a free space. Some games incorporate letters or numbers as patterns, while others will use designs that make a picture or simple pattern such as “four corners” or “plus sign” designs. An example of a pattern would be an arrow, which includes the entire N column blacked out along with row 3 of B and O and row 2 of I and G.

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The patterns can either be static or moving. In moving/crazy bingo, the arrow pattern could be upright, such as previously indicated, or it may be turned to the right, left, or completely inverted. However, in a static or standard game, only the indicated pattern would be accepted. Moving bingo is also often referred to as “any way,” referring to the fact that the pattern may appear turned 90, 180, or 270 degrees "any way".

Bingo patterns determine a winner in a bingo game. While simple patterns and full black-outs are much simpler to follow, the intricate patterns that have become popular bring new excitement and challenge to a typical game of chance.